Providing service across the State of Oklahoma!

Full Service Bookkeeping


It is our intention to train you or your staff to properly utilize the properly designed data file to accurately maintaining a set of books and records for your organization.

However, we recognize that in some areas of the State of Oklahoma sufficient numbers of currently qualified bookkepers may not be available when required.  Hence, we will offer to maintain full service bookkeeping for your organization while training your staff.  We offer well qualified bookkeeping staff that will be cross trained upon your data setup.   This will provide you and your orgainzation continuity of service even if your assigned contact party is on vacation, family emergency, or otherwise incapacitated.  This continuity of service may provide sufficient comfort as to desire continued services.   Ongoing bookkeeping service is available even though it is not the stated purpose of QB Resources, LLC.

Fee structure for full bookkeeping services will be discussed on a case by case basis but in general we will apply a $65.00 per hour rate and round up to the nearest 1/4 hour for such services.  Our personnel are highly trained in the use of QuickBooks and can accomplish a great deal in an hours time.    Please contact us if you need full service bookkeeping or only QuickBooks payroll services.