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Data design and review


We consider data design, setup and initial training some of the highest level services we are offering to provide.  We prefer to work on an hourly rate basis and for these services, either for new organizations or for existing organizations, we bill at $90.00 per hour.  Since we cannot control the speed at which you or your staff will pick-up the initial training available, we will not quote a flat fee for service.   However if requested, we will be willing to place a cap upon our total fees to accomplish a specified engagement.   This engagement will be evidenced by an engagement letter and spell out how many hours of training will be available within the specified time frame.  The cap will normally be quite high to protect us but we will bill by the accumulated hours until the cap is reached.   If the engagement is complete before the cap is reached, the savings is passed to your organization.

Not-for-profit organizations are considered special cases. If your organization has its letter of acceptance from the Internal Revenue Service, then we will work with your organization at a reduced rate depending upon the difficulty of the design and quality of personnel that will will be trained.   Please contact us for special pricing considerations.